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What is Slingshot Labs?

 Your ultimate destination for fast-tracking your research. An exclusive curated selection of products for you to sample from.

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Single Biomarker Controls

These ready-to-use single positive biomarker controls are the latest and greatest from the Slingshot Team.

Slingshot Labs Single Biomarkers (3)

Exhaustion Markers

Exhaustion Markers
  • CD279 (PD-1)
  • CD152 (CTLA-4) 
  • TIM-3



Slingshot Labs Single Biomarkers (3)

Activation Markers

  • CD40L (CD154)
  • CD69
  • CD25
  • CD38
  • ICOS/CD278



Slingshot Labs Single Biomarkers (3)

Rare Markers

  • CD30
  • CD103       
  • CD117
  • CD138
  • CD27
  • CD134 (OX40)
  • CD137    
  • CD33

Multi-Level and Multi-Marker Controls

These multi-level and multi-marker controls are extra vials made for custom control projects. Limited supply available! Access innovations that will accelerate your research.

ki67 gating spread

Ki-67 Cell Mimics Gating Control

  • Validation of Ki-67 antibody
  • Gating control compared to biological samples
  • 250k particles with positive and negative populations mixed 3:1


Screen Shot 2024-04-26 at 12.43.40 PM-1

TruCytes™ Whitlow/CD3 Positive Control

TruCytes™ Whitlow/CD3 Positive Control are cell mimics with 4 representative populations CD3+, Whitlow+, CD3+Whitlow+, CD-Whitlow-


ki67 multilevel

Multi-Level Ki-67 Positive Control 

Offers multi-level expression for use as a reference control.

  • Populations mixed in a 1:1:1 ratio
  • Single use lyophilized product (250K particles)



CAR T Cell Enumeration

CD3 T cell mimics with varying EGFR expression: 10% (low), 30% (med), &  70% (high)





MAst Cell

Mast Cell Mimic

Presented with varying levels of CD45, CD33, CD117, CD2, CD25 and CD30 antigens consistent with mast cell disease.





Slingshot Labs Single Biomarkers (2)

TruCytesCD45(+), CD3(+), CD4(+), CD8(+), CD19(+), CD14(+), CD16(+), CD56(+)

Lyophilized cell mimics including: CD4+ T-cells: CD45+, CD3+, CD4+, CD8+ T-cells: CD45+, CD3+, CD8+, B-cells: CD45+, CD3-, CD19+, NK cells: CD45+, CD3-, CD16/56, Monocytes: CD45+, CD14+ Granulocytes: CD45+







CD4(+), CD4(-) Single Biomarker Control

Slingshot Labs single biomarker CD4(+), CD4(-) are lyophilized cell mimics that feature CD4+ biomarkers with scatter properties similar to lymphocyte populations.



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