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Introducing TruCytes™ : The Ready-to-Use Immunophenotyping Control for Cell Therapy, Flow Cytometry and Beyond

Are you a cell biologist, immunologist, or flow cytometrist? If so, you know how challenging it is to find quality control (QC) samples for your biomarker assays. 

This challenge is only heightened when working with rare diseases or rare biomarkers. Finding QC samples is not only time-consuming and incredibly costly but is also sometimes impossible.  For these reasons, we’re excited to introduce TruCytes™. This ready-to-use immunophenotyping control eliminates the hassle and cost of isolating cells, working with a cell line, sourcing rare primary cells or thawing frozen samples.  Let’s go into more detail about how TruCytes™ are designer cells built to mimic key biomarkers of interest, and what makes them an ideal QC and process control for assays that have measured readouts using flow cytometry.

TruCytes™ are ‘designed’ to react, in an epitope-specific manner, with fluorescently tagged antibodies that recognize key surface markers in lymphocytes, monocytes, and granulocytes while providing an optical scatter profile that matches these fixed populations. These designer cells can be used as ready-to-use reference material to QC-specific biomarkers of interest in various experiments such as antibody characterization studies or antigen quantitation studies—or both! Furthermore, TruCytes™ are NOT derived from biospecimens which means they don’t require any special disposal, and they aren’t biohazardous either!

In addition to being used for flow cytometry applications, TruCytes™ are extensively used in cell therapy workflows.  We can also design for assay technologies outside of flow cytometry (e.g. immunohistochemistry)  so scientists can test their targets of interest against this robust gold standard across their workflows. 

TruCytes™ are designed to save scientists hours by eliminating the need to source their own QC samples. Instead of spending time finding QC samples that may not exist, or may fall short due to variance over time, scientists can now spend less time searching for QC samples and more time getting results. In addition, with our ready-to-use immunophenotyping control, scientists can easily quantify the level of target expression for a variety of antigens and receptors on human leukocyte subsets with greater accuracy than ever before.

At Slingshot, we understand the importance of time when it comes to scientific research; therefore, we have developed TruCytes™ as an ideal solution to eliminate wasted time spent sourcing quality control (QC) samples while still providing accurate results. Our ready-to-use immunophenotyping control comprises precision synthetic cells designed to mimic key biomarkers of interest, allowing scientists to test their targets against a robust gold standard quickly and effectively—all without requiring any special disposal due to it not being derived from biospecimens nor being biohazardous! For all your needs in QC sample searching and accuracy testing needs, look no further than our new product: TruCytes™!

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