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SpectraComp® Cell Mimics - The Next Generation of Flow Cytometry Controls

If you work in cell biology or the immunology field, chances are that you’re familiar with flow cytometry. This technique measures and analyzes biological cells by suspending them in a stream of fluid and passing them through a laser beam. To get accurate results from flow cytometry, it’s important to use controls for compensation on conventional instrumentation or for unmixing on newer spectral instrumentation.  However, there are many situations where sample limitations present challenges to running all of the necessary controls for an optimized experiment.  That’s where SpectraComp® cell mimics come in.

SpectraComp® cell mimics are a best-in-class control for spectral unmixing due to their tunable scatter and autofluorescence. This means that they can more accurately mimic the behavior of real cells, making them an invaluable tool for replacing precious samples often used as controls in spectral flow cytometry experiments. In addition, SpectraComp® cell mimics are much more accurate than traditional controls like polystyrene beads, which do not respond like cells. SpectraComp® cell mimics are a direct replacement for cells as controls, so you can save your cells for science instead of using them as controls.

Why Use Cell Mimics?

There are many reasons why you should use SpectraComp® cell mimics as your flow cytometry control of choice. First, as we mentioned before, cell mimics are much more efficient than traditional controls. You won’t need to sacrifice as many cells to get accurate results.  Second, cell mimics are tunable. We have adjusted their scatter and autofluorescence to match cells better. This allows cell mimics to outperform polystyrene comp beads, ensuring more accurate results while enabling you to get the most information possible from your experiments. Finally, SpectraComp® cell mimics are easy to use and can be used with any standard flow cytometry protocol.

How to Use SpectraComp® Cell Mimics

Using SpectraComp® cell mimics is easy! Simply follow your standard flow cytometry protocol and substitute the appropriate number of SpectraComp® cell mimics for real cells in the control sections. Once your experiment is complete, you’ll have accurate results that you can trust.

SpectraComp® cell mimics are the next generation of flow cytometry controls for unmixing and compensation. If you’re looking for a control that is more efficient and easier to use, look no further! With tunable scatter and tunable autofluorescence, SpectraComp® is the best control choice for spectral unmixing. So save your cells for science and level up your controls today with SpectraComp®!

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