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Peter Lopez: A Trailblazer in Flow Cytometry

Peter LopezHave you ever heard of flow cytometry? It's a technology that allows for the analysis of single cells. And if you work in the field of immunology, you are probably very familiar with it. But have you ever wondered who pioneered the development of flow cytometry? In this article, we will introduce Peter Lopez, one of the pioneers in flow cytometry with almost five decades of experience in this field. Peter has been involved in many studies that used flow cytometry to answer biological questions. He has been an invaluable resource for the scientific community, contributing his expertise to significant scientific discoveries. In this article, we will tell you all about Peter Lopez, his life, and his work in the field of flow cytometry.

Peter Lopez started his journey in flow cytometry back in 1977. But his fascination with optics and lasers stemmed from high school when he designed and built his telescope. This early love for optics and engineering led him to focus his career on flow cytometry, where he could apply this knowledge to biological applications. His first interaction with flow cytometry started during a clinical internship at Rochester in the field of cytopathology during the summer of 1977.

The day before completing his internship, Peter was invited by Dr. Leon Wheeless to join his team at Rochester. He became involved in one of the earliest clinically-relevant developments in flow cytometry, developing a slit-scan flow cytometer for pre-screening cellular samples for cervical malignancies. While he has worked predominantly in the world’s top-academic settings, his experience testing and optimizing prototype instrumentation in Rochester came in handy when he was later recruited to join Cytomation to work on the MoFlo cell sorter in 1996.  He worked alongside Cytomation’s engineers, focusing on providing the reliable performance of the MoFlo, the first commercially available high-speed cell sorter. Peter took it upon himself to redesign the detector configuration of the original MoFlo,  thus enhancing the sensitivity of this flow cytometer.

Peter’s interest in flow cytometry led him to work in diverse research fields. These include the automated detection of malignant/premalignant cells, hematopoietic stem cell isolation, the study of T-cell receptor function, the detection and study of apoptotic cells,  marine applications, infectious disease, laboratory administration, and most recently, the study of Sorter Induced Cellular Stress (SICS),  which he initially described. His contributions laid the foundation for numerous immunology and cell biology scientific discoveries.

In addition to his significant contributions to flow cytometry, Peter Lopez mentors many in the field. He has mentored graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, sharing his wisdom and experience with the upcoming generation of scientists. His dedication to teaching has led to over fifty scientific publications and numerous presentations at international conferences.

In conclusion, Peter Lopez is a true trailblazer in the field of flow cytometry. He has dedicated his life to the development of flow cytometry, pioneered numerous breakthroughs, and significantly contributed to the scientific community. Through his expertise, Peter has helped answer biological questions in diverse research fields, from cancer to studying infectious diseases. He inspires young scientists and is an invaluable mentor to many in the field. Peter Lopez's work serves as a testament to the importance of innovation and dedication to the advancement of science.Free shipping (1)